Streaming TV

Powered By PAC Fiber

PAC Fiber is upgrading your entertainment experience! 

As technology advances, how we watch TV is evolving. PAC Fiber is bidding farewell to our traditional TV services due to the escalating network costs.  We have partnered with DirecTV and MyBundle to provide an easy to use solution that is similar to our existing PAC TV service,  but available over PAC Fiber’s state-of-art internet.

Get ready for a new era of seamless and personalized entertainment.

DIRECTV provides you the ability to watch TV over your PAC Fiber internet connection with a DIRECTV device or from the DIRECTV App on a compatible smart tv, smartphone, tablet, or other streaming device.

Your blazing-fast PAC Fiber internet service has the ability to deliver a vast array of live and on-demand streaming video. The link below will help you flex that bandwidth of yours with the best in on-line video entertainment.
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