PAC Protect provides onsite support coverage for all network wiring and PAC-installed equipment inside a subscriber’s house, including routers, modems, hubs and wiring centers for just $6.00/month. It does not cover customer-owned and customer-installed equipment such as computers, televisions, routers (except as might be installed by PAC Pros). This does not cover any connecting cables, even if purchased from Pembroke Advanced Communications (PAC).

Routers and other network devices are covered by this ONLY if onsite installation was done by PAC and router information is recorded in the subscriber’s record. This support does not cover warranty items or physical router replacement. This covers only the support needed to get the item back on the network.

Damage caused by abuse, negligence or willful acts is not covered, nor are remote controls, batteries or equipment not installed by PAC. Set top boxes are not included in Broadband support and remain the property of and responsibility of PAC. PAC reserves the right to limit on site visits covered under this service.


  • All wiring installed by PAC from NID/Interface to various interior jacks.

  • All jacks/network outlets installed by PAC.

  • All media center components.

  • Battery packs for FTTH installations.

  • All PAC TV set top boxes.
  • Reinstallation of routers installed by PAC or customer installed to PAC standards (under PAC telephone support). We must have record of installation and set up in the subscriber record.

  • Installation and replacement of modems and hubs installed by PAC.

Not Covered

  • Any subscriber installed wiring that is not done to PAC standards. Coverage at the discretion of technician.

  • Remote controls/batteries.

  • Physical router replacement.

  • Subscriber-owned computers, printers and related devices.

  • Roku boxes, Apple TV, etc.

  • Reinstallation of Roku, AppleTV, Xbox, and similar devices.
  • Connecting cables (RCA cables, HDMI, etc) even if purchased from PAC.