Pembroke Advanced Communications offers subscribers a wide array of calling features to customize your service to your lifestyle. From the security of Caller ID to the convenience of a voicemail system that will never miss a call, all the features you want are here. If you want several of the features, we offer Unlimited Calling Features for $5.00/month.

Call Waiting allows you to take a second call while you’re already on the phone. You’ll never have to miss a call again!

Three Way Calling makes it possible for you to talk to two different parties at once. You’ll save time while you enjoy bringing family, friends, and business associates together.

Caller ID – Number Only gives you the ability to see the calling party’s phone number before answering. A customer-provided display device is required to view calling numbers.

Automatic Call Back (*69) automatically dials the last party who attempted to call you w hen you can’t get to the phone.

Call Forwarding sends your calls to another number so you won’t ever have to wait by your phone for important calls.

Distinctive Ringing enables you to program your phone to ring with a special pattern when you are called from a select list of numbers.

With the PAC’s voicemail, your phone is instantly turned into a state of the art messaging center. You will be notified that you have messages by a “stutter” dial tone when you pick up the receiver. Your calls are automatically forwarded to voicemail if you don’t answer or you are on the phone.

These are just a few of the calling features PAC has available to customize your calling experience. Please contact us for a complete list of features and availability.