PAC TV Everywhere is a free service that enables PAC TV subscribers to watch streamed content on Internet-enabled devices such as computers, tablets and mobile devices. While not all channels are available, the list is constantly growing!

There’s no additional charge to use it. Your PAC TV tier just needs to contain the cable TV network you want to watch. There is no limit to the number of devices you can use, however, there are restrictions on the number of devices that can stream the content at the same time from the same provider. This is determined by each cable TV network.

Getting Started:

First, you access Member Services by GOING HERE. This will take you to “WatchTVEverywhere,” where you will enroll. You will need your PAC TV/PAC account number so have that ready. Once registered, you are authorized to use PAC TV Everywhere for networks currently available. Cable TV networks have made their content available on multiple platforms so please check to make sure your Internet device is compatible. Also, content may work differently with different Internet browsers.

PAC TV Everywhere FAQ

  • You can watch PAC TV Everywhere using your Internet browser on your computer. For example, to view BravoTV content on your computer, you would need to type in your browser to visit the BravoTV website. Note: Some Web browsers are incompatible with PAC TV Everywhere.
  • You can watch PAC TV Everywhere on a mobile device by downloading an App. For example, if you wish to view CNN’s Live Feed on an Apple iPad, you would first need to download the free CNN App from Apple’s App Store.
  • Some cable TV networks extend their offerings to smart TVs, game consoles, Roku, Apple TV etc. Visit the cable TV network’s website for information on what devices you can currently view their content.
  • PAC TV Everywhere allows you access to various streams of cable TV content to your device. This is considered “usage.” Check your data plan before you start watching PAC TV Everywhere. You are responsible for all of the usage.

More information can be found on the “Learn More” page of once you log in.